Melbet Philippines Refund Policy

Customers are in charge of determining whether accessing and/or using the website complies with any local laws, and they represent and warrant to the business that doing so does not violate any such laws in their jurisdiction. The customer is responsible for ensuring that their actions are lawful in their jurisdiction before opening an account and/or using the company’s website.

Additionally, the client warrants and agrees that, before registering on the business’ website, they sought legal counsel. The company has the right to close a customer’s account and issue a refund for any balance that remains on the account at the time of closure if the company learns that the customer resides in a nation where using the business’ website is prohibited (after the deduction of any winnings credited after their most recent deposit was made).

  • When submitting someone else’s, invalid, or fraudulent documents, enrolling more than once (even doing so under a different name), or any of the following (including those that have been edited using any kind of software or graphic editor);
  • Multiple violations of the terms and conditions of the betting company uncertainty as to the identity of a customer or the accuracy of the data they have provided (such as address, credit/debit card information, or other information);
  • Any fraud done by a client or a third party working together or acting in their best interests;
  • Using a bank card that has been compromised or isn’t confirmed to make purchases any actions a customer engages in, or attempts to engage in, that may be legally construed as unlawful in any applicable jurisdiction, whether or not such actions or attempts result in loss or damage to the customer’s account, whether or not the customer had knowledge of the outcome of an event at the time they placed their wager, or whether or not they were in a position to influence the outcome.;
  • Using any unethical methods to gain information or get over limitations placed by the business.

The management of the company is free to request any documentation from the bettor proving their identity or any other information they have provided (such as their passport information or residential address), and they are also free to halt any payments until all of this information has been verified.

The management of the company maintains the right to request that documents be provided by mail or to have a video conference as part of the identity verification procedure. From the time the documents are received until they are verified, it could take up to 72 hours. The customer can receive the video conference’s results within 5 working days of the conference’s conclusion. 

If it is determined that the information provided is false, the company is free to take whatever reasonable actions are necessary, including—but not limited to—canceling all bets, halting all transactions during the course of the investigation, and moving forward with a full account verification after requesting any documents needed for the verification process.

After the investigation is over, the company is free to come to any decision that it thinks is just and reasonable. It may decide to block (close) the account (including any duplicate accounts), which may include: at its sole discretion, voiding all bonuses, free bets, and winnings received from those bonuses and free bets when using this duplicate account, canceling all winnings, and reimbursing the customer’s account balance at the beginning of the investigation (less any canceled winnings made from their primary and duplicate accounts). The company also has the right to withdraw funds from any of the customers’ accounts to reimburse any sums owed to it in connection with this duplicate account (including any other duplicate account).

All bets placed by the customer from the duplicate account will be void, and the company may decide (in extraordinary circumstances) to block and/or cancel the duplicate account(s), allowing the main account to continue to be used and recognized as valid (the decision is made for each particular case individually, according to the extent of the violation).

For violations of the aforementioned clauses, the bettor will be held responsible. The bookmaker maintains the right to refuse to pay any wins or to refund stakes, as well as to cancel any bets, should these Rules be broken. When the bookmaker learns that a consumer fits into one of the aforementioned categories, they are not responsible for that customer. This means that the bookmaker will have the right to take the aforementioned actions once they become aware that a customer fits the aforementioned description.

Within the first twenty-four (24) hours of the alleged transaction, consumers should use the live support chat to contact the Support Service with any questions regarding refund claims.

Depending on the department concerned, each query will be responded to promptly within 24 to 72 hours after filing, and an answer will be given after that.

The customer understands and agrees that each inquiry will be evaluated on an individual basis. The customer is prepared to give any extra information requested by the Support Service officer in order to offer a suitable response. The consumer will be informed if it may take longer than expected to respond to their question in particular circumstances.

Depending on the specific payment method employed to complete the alleged transaction, a refund request may be approved or denied.

The same payment method that was used to complete the alleged transaction will be used to process the refund.

The business maintains the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any such request, according to the current Terms and Conditions.